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Modern & Scandinavian Design
The principle of Scandinavian design is the prioritization of functionality without eliminating aesthetics.

ILLI 1: Already very successful in the market, ILLI dispenser system 1 is new in ADA’s range: offering thereby a complementary dispenser solution with additional features such as refill size of 325ml. The dispenser system is as economical as it is environmentally-friendly while being a perfect ambassador of the world-famous Scandinavian design.

  • Modern & minimalistic Scandinavian design
  • Functional and easy-to-use system
  • Eco-friendly dispenser certified by Ecolabel

ILLI 1 Holder Cartridge dispenser for soap, shower gel and shampoo

The ILLI 1 dispenser fulfills all these requirements with its 3 components: 
holder – lid – cartridge, taking into account economic competitiveness, perfect hygiene, easy cleaning and maintenance of the donor. 
The robust plastic housing and the lid provide an easy-to-install and quick-to-clean system that can withstand everyday use in hotels. 
The 325 ml cartridge is absolutely drip-free and can be replaced within seconds. 
These 3 components not only created a reliable, but also optically elegant dispensing system in a modern look.

 For your benefit:

• Quick and easy monitoring of filling 
• Easy change of cartridge (without keys) 
• Design enables rapid cleaning 
• Cartridge for soap and shampoo are easy by color to distinguish 
• Assembly with screws (recommended) or adhesive tape 
• 325 ml cartridge - greater content than comparable systems - rare refill 
• Soap & shampoo PH 6.0 – mild to hair and skin 
• Easy operation for your guest 
• Especially: the donor with the most beautiful design!

ILLI 1 cartridges see further pages 
The ILLI 1 dispensing system offers besides the standard cartridges with subtle fragrance also a gently perfumed variant with almond milk lotus fragrance. Both versions are for dry and sensitive skin. 
Standard fragrance soap and all over shampoo – Greenland line for soap as well as body wash.

    CODE Cartridge info € / vnt
1. Cartridge bottle
    AB150097 Hair.Body.Hands 325 ml 4,48 €
    kodas   info € / vnt
2. Back part
    AB50099 Front piece for BLACK 5,45 €
      Fasten to the wall    
    CODE NOTE info € / vnt
3. Front piece
    AB150105  Hair.Body.Hands BLACK 4,11 €
    AB150108  Hair.Body.Hands WHITE 4,11 €
    AB150102  Hair.Body.Hands GREY 4,11 €

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