We are pleased to provide our customers with high quality service, offer a wide range of clean, well-known brands, hygiene, disinfectants and related their equipment. Targeted development focused on  the needs of  customer needs, strict requirements to the quality of the service provided, flexibility, qualified personnel (staff)  personal, and great (extensive/solid) experience allowed us to work with the most successful companies.

We think that the best result is achieved through an open dialogue with customers, your success is the assessment of our work. We believe in a long-term partnership, as we can at the same time find the most effective solutions at the same time.

In the professional cleaning products market we have been working in the professional cleaning products market for more than 15 years. 

We received the prestigious rating of the country's entrepreneurs "Strongest in Lithuania in 2015", this sign is associated with successful and transparent Lithuanian companies and confirms that the company and the managers are reliable.

HIGIENA VERSLUI business partners are world leaders of professional cleaning products market: GREENSPEED, HAGLEITNER, DREUMEX, VERMOP, HILLBRUSH, ABENA, TORK, KATRIN, PAPERNET, GRITE and others.


Company Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission - is to facilitate the work with quality professional equipment, making the world cleaner, more environmentally friendly.

Our vision - is to be a professional, reliable and smart partner for our clients, to take the lead in the market.

Our values ​​- professionalism, quality customer service, continuous improvement.



We operate in the Baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, with main offices in Vilnius and Riga.

Let us become a part of your cleaning programs!

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