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Quality floor cleaning tools: floor broom with sprayer, floor cleaning broom, floor brushes for wet cleaning - this is an important part of the cleaning equipment. Reliable, convenient cleaning tools, holders, cloths for all cleaning work, according to the need and specifics of cleaning. Hygiene for business offers you a wide range, professional service, free consultations.

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Sprint plus 40cm

SPRINT Plus 40cm
Price €39.93
Availability: 18 In Stock
Aqua holder

Aqua mop holder vermop

Aqua holder plastic
Regular price €6.96 Price €4.87
Availability: 10 In Stock
Mop Grindų šluostai Sprint 40cm

Aqua basic mop vermop

Mop Aqua Basic
Regular price €8.17 Price €4.90
Availability: 15 In Stock

Mop damp holder 110cm

Damp mop holder 110cm, stainless steel
Price €35.14
Availability: 13 In Stock

Mop damp basic 60cm

Mop Damp Basic 60cm with pocket
Price €15.31
Availability: 13 In Stock

Mop damp basic 110cm

Mop Damp Basic 110cm with band
Price €27.23
Availability: 27 In Stock

Cleaning trolley 2 x 25l

Cleaning trolley w/2x25 litre bucket, as well...
Price €203.28
Availability: 5 In Stock