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HIGIENA VERSLUI offers a wide range of hygiene products. Products: refreshing hand soap, refreshing hand soap, antibacterial soap with dispenser, wet wipes for personal hygiene, soap foam, liquid hand soap, organic soap, ultra-mild hand soap, hair and body liquid soap, mild soap foam, foam dezek. Manufacturers guarantee high quality hygiene products and a wide selection.

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Liquid soap Mayeri, 5L

Hand Soap and body wash Contains aloe ver...
Price €9.44
Availability: 73 In Stock

Foam Soap 5L

Liquid Foam Soap
Price €15.61
Availability: 20 In Stock


Greenspeed FLO HAND WASH 500ml - mild action a...
Price €6.78
Availability: 4 In Stock


Flo Hand Wash is an ecological pH-neutral hand...
Price €30.25
Availability: 8 In Stock

Bactericidal Hand Soap 5L

Professional anti-bacterial hand soap • Po...
Price €23.96
Availability: 100 In Stock

Tork Mini Mild soap

Give sensitive skin extra care with Tork  Mild...
Price €6.22
Availability: 74 In Stock

Tork Mild Foam Soap

Provide care for all skin types. 2500 doses
Price €20.33
Availability: 91 In Stock

Tork mild liquid soap

The 2-in-1 formula contains caring and mild ...
Price €8.47
Availability: 15 In Stock