Bio waste bag 100% compostable, 60 - 80 liters - 20 pieces roll

The Bio waste bags are made of 100% compostable film. 
Certification by DIN CERTCO based on EN 13432 guarantees compostability. 
The bags, together with compostable household waste - if approved by the authorities - can be put directly into the bio-bin or compost. 
There they rot within a few weeks without leaving any pollutants behind. 
Bio waste bags are heat resistant up to 35 ° C. 
Hot waste such as coffee or tea filters as well as leftovers of food should only be allowed to cool into the bag. 
Protect from sunlight. 

Capacity: 60-80 L

Format: 82 x 105 cm

thickness: 18 my

Qt: 20 pcs on roll

12roll in box