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Bio waste bag 100% compostable, 140 liters, 20 pieces on roll

The Bio waste bags are made of 100% compostable film. 
Certification by DIN CERTCO based on EN 13432 guarantees compostability. 
The bags, together with compostable household waste - if approved by the authorities - can be put directly into the bio-bin or compost. 
There they rot within a few weeks without leaving any pollutants behind. 
Bio waste bags are heat resistant up to 35 ° C. 
Hot waste such as coffee or tea filters as well as leftovers of food should only be allowed to cool into the bag. 
Protect from sunlight. 

Execution: Folded and folded to 30 cm, with pressure
Material: mater-bio
Scope: The main ingredient of the raw material in the biopos is maize starch. Bioposed rapidly decomposes in nature, depending on composting method and temperature. Home Compost: The bags are degradateed at the same rate as the other organic material in the compost pile. Central composting: Decomposition of 10-45 days. Bioprocess is first degraded by contact with microorganisms in nature, and not during normal storage in eg. the kitchen. Bioposen does not dissolve in water and there are no leakage problems in storing food waste.

Color: nature
Gross volume: 140 l
Brand: BioBag
Handling: Store at normal humidity, normal room temperature and not in direct sunlight.
Shelf life unopened: 9-12 months for proper storage.
Test standard: EN-13432, DEBIO, VGS, CEN, OK Compost, EK
Warning: Plastic bags are dangerous toys for children.
Gross weight per. cll: 9.392 kg
Outer packaging: Brown cardboard with pressure.
Transport packaging: Depending on the amount, it may consist of EU pallets and films.

Capacity: 140 L

Format: 75 x 110 cm

thickness: 18 my

Qt: 20 pcs on roll