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Liquid descaler with fast action. It  easily removes hard, thick calcareous deposits in dishwashers, cups and coffee makers. The use of ecosol ENTKALKER significantly extends the life of the devices.

content: 1.1 kg

Dishwashers and glass washers: Fill 0.5 l of ecosol DECKALKER into a system BOTTLE, fill with water, drain the wash liquor, spray limescale deposits with the foam spray gun, allow to act briefly,
then rinse 2-3 times without detergent.
Safety note:
Do not use with alkaline and chlorine containing products. The while dealing
With chemicals usual protection measures are to be considered. Before use
always read product labeling. Keep child safe.
Keep container closed. For quality reasons, store at room temperature.
Product recommendation:
Descaling with ecosol DECALKER extends the life of the machine