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TANEX gum-ex quickly removes even old chewing gum, play dough, modelling clay or plasticine from all textile,

elastic and hard surfaces.

■ Through icing of the particular stains e.g. chewing gum, the fast and easy application saves time and costs.

■ Instantly afterwards, the stain can be removed without harming the surface, due to the material-friendly formula.

■ Gum-ex does not leave any smeary or sticky residues and preserves the surface‘s original appearance.

Area of application

■ Gum-ex can be applied to all textile floorings as well as to clothes and fabrics. The product also removes

chewing-gum and play dough on elastic and hard floorings like PVC, wood, linoleum, elastomer and stone.

Scope of application:

Can be applied to all types of textile coatings, clothing and upholstery. Also suitable for removing chewing gum from soft and hard floor coverings such as vinyl, linoleum, elastomer, wood and stone floors. 

How to use:

Spray the product on chewing gum stains for a few seconds at a distance of 3 cm until it becomes visible that they have frozen. Then immediately lift or scrape off the hardened gum with a spatula, knife, spoon, etc. Quickly remove loose gum from the floor. After treatment, brush the textile coverings (with a hand brush or vacuum cleaner).