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Effective laundry detergent for white fabrics labelled with the Nordic Swan and Astma-Allergy certifications. Contains enzymes that effectively

break down proteins, starch and fats that are often found in food stains, sweat or similar stains. The product also contains a high level of active

detergents that effectively remove grease and particles.

Fragrance-free. Effective from 30°C.



Base name Washing powder


Sub-brand Puri-Line

Features White, without color and scent

Weight, net 4.3 kg

Certifications Asthma Allergy Nordic, Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Directives, regulations and acts (EC) 1272/2008

UFI SY00-Y0UG-5006-347Y

Product Registry Number 4059051

Dosage Instructions Per 3-5 kg of clothing: soft water (<8°dH): 45 ml. Medium-hard water (8-14°dH): 55 ml.

Hard water (>14°dH): 70 ml.

Safety Instructions and Warnings Do not use with wool and silk fabrics.


Instructions for use/application


Preferably wash with a full machine. Dose correctly depending on level of dirt and water hardness. Note that the use of extra detergent will not

make the laundry cleaner and is harmful to the environment. Lower the temperature of normal washing programmes to protect the environment. If

you are allergic to household dust, always wash bed linen at minimum 60°C. Regularly run a washing cycle at 60°C with a detergent that contains

bleach (powdered detergent), and follow the machine manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance. Leave the machine open between each wash.