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Instructions for use/application Stain remover ABENA Puri-Line Without color and scent pH ~ 10 1 kg Nordic Swan Ecolabel Machine wash: 15 ml stain remover with normal detergent. Softening: 15 ml stain remover dissolved in 4 liters of water. Not suitable for use with wool, silk, linen, or leather. After soaking, wash the laundry normally in a washing machine or rinse thoroughly. The maximum soaking time for colored clothing is 1 hour, and 6 hours for white clothing. Pre-treatment of stubborn stains: 7.5 ml stain remover is stirred into 1 dl hot water (max 40°C). Treat the stain with the solution, let it work for approx. 5 min., and rinse off. The laundry is then washed normally in the washing machine with 7.5 ml stain remover. Always check the washing instructions in the clothing and follow the dosing instructions. First, check the color density of the substance in a place where it will not be visible.