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Examination glove with smooth surface and contains no latex proteins or accelerators. 

Product Declaration:
Base name: Examination gloves
Brand: Abena
Sub-brand: Classic
Shelf Life: 5 years
-color: nature
Material: latex
Technical ingredients: Latex, ZDBC, ZDEC, Zinc oxide, Sulfur, Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Nitrate, Polymer, Freesil P2, WAX
Properties: smooth, medium grip, rolled cuff
Features: powder free
Single or multiple use: single use
Size: S
Length/depth: 240 mm
Width: 80 mm
Thickness: 0,11 +/- 0,02 mm
Certifications: CE, Food contact materials, CAT III
Product or test standards: EN 455, EN 420, EN 374-1:2016 Type B KST, EN 374-5:2016 VIRUS, AQL 1.5
CE Class (Medical Devices): Class I
CE Category (Personal Protective Equipment): CAT III
Directives, regulations and acts: 93/42/EEC, 1935/2004/EU, 89/868/EEC
Product Description: Examination glove with smooth surface and contains no latex proteins or accelerators. Suitable for handling non-fatty food products and brief cleaning tasks without strong chemicals.
Instructions for use/application: Examine the gloves for flaws and defects before use.
Storage Instructions: Store dry, clean and at room temperature.
Safety Instructions and Warnings: NB: if users or patients are hypersensitive to the material, wear vinyl or nitrile gloves. Contains latex proteins.
Product Disposal Instructions: Dispose with household waste.

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