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Clear Vinyl, Powder-Free 100pcs

Abena’s extensive experience with the development of gloves helps you select the best glove for a specific need. 

All of our disposable gloves are classified as medical gloves and comply with all the requirements of the EN455 standards and CE labelling.

Our boxes have colour coding to assist in distinguishing between the sizes.

The most important parameter when choosing disposable gloves is the intended application of the glove, and in turn the need for protection against various risks. All gloves are available in different colours and are powder free.

Powderfree, transparent;

Not suitable for nursing tasks where there is contact with blood and other bodily fluids;

For light cleaning tasks where there is no contact with strong chemicals;

Can be worn on either hand;

Suitable for handling non-greasy food.

Base name: Disposable glove
Brand: Boisen Safety
Shelf Life: 5 years
-color: transparent
Material: vinyl
Technical ingredients: PVC, DINP
Properties: latex free, smooth, low grip, rolled cuff
Features: powder free
Single or multiple use: single use
Size: L
Length/depth: 240 mm
Width: 105 mm
Thickness: 0,05 mm
Certifications: CE, Food contact materials, CAT I
Product or test standards: EN 420
CE Category (Personal Protective Equipment): CAT I
Directives, regulations and acts: 89/686/EEC
Product Description: Disposable glove in vinyl. Smooth surface. Can be used for the handling of non-fatty foods and brief cleaning tasks.
Instructions for use/application: Examine the gloves for flaws and defects before use.
Storage Instructions: Store dry, clean and at room temperature.
Safety Instructions and Warnings: Avoid contact with fatty food products as the plasticizers in the glove can migrate to food during contact. Not approved for medical use. Contains PVC and plasticizers.
Product Disposal Instructions: Sort as plastic. If contaminated dispose off as clinical waste.
Packaging Disposal Instructions: Can be recycled or incinerated.