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Liquid, strong cleaning concentrate. For basic cleaning of toilet, urinal, construction equipment, tile surfaces. Effortlessly removes even the largest deposits of lime, urine scale, rust and mineral deposits such as cement, concrete and mortar residues as part of a final construction cleaning. Also removes algae deposits and dissolves oxide layers of copper and brass. Use sanitary cleaner safely. We recommend using protecting glasses and rubber gloves during the work.

Application | Operation area:

Ideally suited for thorough cleaning of toilets, urinals, construction equipment and tile surfaces. It is essential to pre-water tile joints before use. Targeted

Apply with a cleaning pad or sponge to remove the deposits

remove and then rinse with plenty of water.


Depending on the thickness of the deposits, dilute up to 1: 5 with water before use. Not on fittings, chrome-plated surfaces, copper or brass


Security advice:

Do not use on fittings, chrome-plated surfaces, copper or brass. Use sanitary cleaner safely. Always mark and before use

Read product information. The usual protective measures for chemicals

is notable. Use protective equipment. Store child-safe.