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Improves hygiene & cleanliness very hygienic:

  • overshoes are not touched with the hand reduces germs and infections,
  • cross-contamination is prevented maintenance-free and very reliable simple,
  • fast operation very quiet in use adapts automatically to the shoe cleanroom,
  • certification ISO class 5 * according to EN ISO 14644-1 operation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The user puts his foot into the machine on the opened overshoe. When the foot is pulled back, the overshoe sits perfectly on the foot.
Large selection of matching overshoes: from very simple variants to super slip-resistant overshoes - especially for safe walking on wet or smooth floors.


  • 4x faster than manually putting on overshoes
  • space-saving and without electricity
  • Space for up to 110 overshoes
  • easy handling, very quiet
  • Weight: approx. 8.5 kg


Product details

Article no. WL35273
Manufacturer FRANZ MENSCH
Manufacturer Part Number. 88810
model Hygostar-88812
Sales unit piece
Content unit 1 piece


Customer feedback on the HYGOMAT overshoe machine:


We are absolutely satisfied with the Hygomat. We use it for both visitors and employees. Putting on overshoes just got so much easier. We used to have boxes of overshoes everywhere and the overshoes had to be pulled apart first. Everything goes much faster with the Hygomat and it's super convenient. No more bending over! Zack and ready, the overshoes are on your feet within 2 seconds.