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Click, fill, spray and clean in an instant! In just a few steps you can clean your floors in an innovative way with the Click'M, Twist Mop and Sprenkler. The TWIST MOP is attached to the CLICK'M frame with a simple, unique magnetic system so that the mop is easy and quick to change. If you combine this simple system with the SPRENKLER you no longer have to carry those heavy buckets around as it has an integrated water reservoir. If the floor is very dirty you can add a minimum dose of MULTI FORTE to the water reservoir for fantastic results.


High-quality and sustainable flat mop system.
- Ideal for places with high hygiene standards.
- Innovative magnetic fastening that fixes the mop in the ideal position for an entire lifetime, simply with one click.
- Extra hygienic in use, since the frame can be opened using your foot, allowing the mop to be removed from the frame without coming into contact with your hands.
- Light and ergonomic in use.
- The smooth, taut finish prevents dirt from sticking.


Quantity per packing: 10 pieces

Dimensions: 50 cm x 9 cm x 6 cm

Weight: 485 g

Barcode: 8716254006485

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