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Product description: coffee cup
trademark: Abena
Product Series: Gastro-Line
Colour: green
Material: CPLA, porridge
features: 8 oz
Height: 9 cm
Diameter: 8 cm
Thickness: 300 + 250 g / m2
Coating Thickness: 28 g / m2
Net weight: 12.5 g
Volume, net: 24 cl
Volume, gross: 28 cl
certificates: FSC Mix, For Food, YOUR CERTCO
Directives, legislation and regulations: Food approved according to 1935/2004 / EU
Product Description: Coffee-to-go beaker in biodegradable material. The cup is 100% compostable.
Storage Instructions: Keep clean and dry.
Safety instructions and warnings: Do not use in conventional oven and microwave oven.
Product Disposal Instructions: Can be disposed of with household waste or by industrial composting.
Packaging Disposal Instructions: Can be recycled or incinerated.